Mass of the Gathered Assembly


Mass of the Gathered Assembly is a mass setting for the new translation of the Roman Missal written by Kelly James Barth. Like the title suggests, it is a setting meant not just to be sung, but to be prayed by those gathered to worship. Written in dedication to the parishioners of St. Leo Catholic Church in Omaha, NE, this setting is peaceful, easy to learn, and adaptable.

​Musical settings for the following prayers are included: Penitential Act – Form II, Kyrie (English), Kyrie (Greek), Glory to God, Gospel Acclamation, Gospel Acclamation (Alternate), Lenten Gospel Acclamation, Prayers of the Faithful, Holy, Holy, Holy, Memorial Acclamation A, Memorial Acclamation BMemorial Acclamation C, Doxology & Great Amen, The Lord’s Prayer, Lamb of God.

ICEL Texts (Roman Missal – 3rd Edition)


In August of 2012, musicians from three parishes in Omaha, NE put together this concert at St. Bernard Catholic Church in order to raise food donations for a local pantry.

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MGA - Lamb of God
MGA - Kyrie (English)
MGA - Kyrie (Greek)
MGA - Penitential Act (Form II)
MGA - Glory to God
MGA - Gospel Acclamation
MGA - Gospel Acclamation (Alternate)
MGA - Prayers of the Faithful
MGA - Holy, Holy, Holy
MGA - Memorial Acclamation A
MGA - Memorial Acclamation B
MGA - Memorial Acclamation C
MGA - Doxology & Great Amen
MGA - The Lord's Prayer
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