Simply Liturgical Music is a grassroots effort to illuminate quality non-published liturgical music in order to supplement music resources already being used for worship by Christian communities.

Are you in charge of Music?
We've kept it Simple:

  • One-time, annual fee to supplement pew hymnals with Psalms, Mass Settings, and Hymns.
  • Access to a growing digital library and legally download all copies and audio needed.
  • Psalms for every Sunday and Feast.
  • Member publisher of

Are you a Liturgical Composer?
We've kept it Simple:

  • Retain 100% rights to music & 40% of royalties.
  • Easy, three-step submission process.
  • Work directly with owner and receive timely feedback.
  • Become part of a dynamic community of composers who "Team-Publish"
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"The Spirit is at work with Simply Liturgical Music who offers a new technological venue for composers to bring their ministry forward for the worshiping Church."

Roc O'Connor, SJ

"SLM is unlike any other company I've worked with. They have a personal touch with the love of Christ which focuses on helping you meet the needs of your parish."

Amber Grunder, Director of Liturgy

"The people at SLM are steeped in the rich tradition of the liturgy and have given us a great new resource for Mass. This is what I have been looking for to supplement our hymnal!"

Fr. Dave Korth, Pastor

"SLM provides an outlet for liturgical composers to easily share their music with parishes around the country. With a growing variety of music selections, SLM lets churches find music that fits their particular needs."

David Gatwood, Liturgical Composer