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Psalms and Gospel Acclamations

Get access to the most comprehensive lectionary resource ever created. In addition to multiple psalm options for every Sunday and Feast, there are also options for every other occasion found in the Lectionary including daily.

Roman Missal

Mass Settings and Antiphons

Get access to a growing collection of beautiful Mass Settings, Antiphons, an other music set to the texts found in the Roman Missal. This music was born out of the liturgical work our composers do for their own parishes.

Other Music

Other Vocal and Instrumental Music

Looking for other original songs, hymns, or instrumental music for your congregation? These are the gems created by our composers just for their own congregations. Here you will find music for every liturgical occasion.

Every piece of music we receive from a composer is reviewed and approved by SLM (texts and music), our local ordinary – the Archdiocese of Omaha (original texts), and the USCCB (ICEL / GRAIL texts). At SLM, we have a two-fold mission:

  1. To make sure our music is connected with the liturgical action of the Mass (SC 112)

  2. To provide music that spans the richness and diversity of genre and style practiced in today’s liturgy. 

Jason Liles



Like Jason, some of our composers started their own companies in order to share their music with others. SLM is helping them to widen their net.

Luke Rosen

Industry Leader

Industry Leaders

Like Luke, some of our composers are already published through major companies (OCP, GIA, etc), but they have more music they want to share.

Nancy Douglass

Undiscovered Talent

Undiscovered Talents

Like Nancy, some of our composers are not published at all. SLM is giving them a new opportunity to share their music with the world.

Quality Composing and Collaboration

Created by professionals

SLM brings you new quality music created by a growing network of talented liturgical composers from all over the world. These individuals have chosen SLM in order to self-publish together and sell their music directly to you!

Reinventing the Industry

Shared Through Innovation

100% Digital

SLM offers only PDF digital sheet music and MP3 files. That’s right! you will never receive a physical item from us… ever. Why? Because we want to be the change we desire – to care for our common home. And while we don’t recommend it all the time, you CAN print as many copies as you’d like! (see infinite copies) You can also share digitally as much as you need to. Shoot… it’s only fair!

100% Green

Laudato si’ calls us to care for our common home. That’s why SLM is committed to offering digital products only (see 100% Digital). Why? Because we must. Unfortunately, businesses are doing the most damage to the environment by creating platforms which no only waste materials, but cause their customers to do so as well. At SLM, we realize that we must become the change we want to see in the world. Now while we don’t recommend it all the time, you CAN print as many copies as you’d like! (see Infinite Copies) You can also share digitally as much as you need to. It’s only fair!

100% Direct

Through SLM, our composers self-publish their music. That’s right! SLM is NOT a publishing company. We are simply a platform to help composers distribute the music. We’ve cut out the middle-man so that our composers can share their music directly to you. In return, SLM offers you the ability to communicate directly to them. “Hmmm… I’d really like a flute part to this piece…” Think of the possibilities!

100% Fair

At SLM, we believe you should only ever purchase a product once, EVER. That’s why, when you purchase or download a piece of music, the small print actually says that youI own it for life. Not only that… you also get every single part the composer has ever created for that piece: the Instrumental score(s), Octavo, Lead Sheet, etc. Even Handbell parts on some! No more being nickel and dimed to death in order to have all the parts you need. But that’s not all! You can also digitally share or print/copy as much as you need. (see Infinite Copies) Why not, you own it! It’s only fair.

*You = whatever entity purchased the product.

100% Just

One thing most liturgical musicians don’t realize is that many composers are not justly compensated for their work. They typically receive the industry standard of 10% royalties and do not retain any rights to their music. If their music sells extremely well, that 10% looks pretty nice. But most music does not become a greatest hit. And if their music ends up in what is sometimes referred to as catalog purgatory (not advertised by the publisher), there’s nothing they can do since they do not own rights to the music. 

At SLM, we are committed to changing these standards. Our composers keep complete ownership (100% rights) to their music and get paid 40% of all sales of their compositions. 

Infinite Copies

Okay, so we all know it is difficult to resist making just one extra maybe-it’s-not-so-illegal copy of that piano part your accompanist needs. And while we don’t recommend making paper copies (see 100% Digital / 100% Green), we do realize that you simply must at times. So it’s time to get rid of that copyright guilt. At SLM, we GIVE you permission… yes, PERMISSION… to make as many copies as you need. Shoot, you do own it, right?!?

It’s only fair! 

Pricing that's Fair

Sold At an affordable price



Every SLM composition can be purchased as a single item. With that purchase, you receive all parts (octavo, Lead Sheet, SATB, etc) written for the piece with permission to make as many copies as you'd like.

Psalms/Antiphons =$5-$10
Mass Settings = $100
Hymns/Songs = $20-$30



With a subscription, you can "purchase" anything on the website for $0.00. There are no limits! Purchase and download any music that you want and make as many copies as you need.

$144.00 Annually

You Own It

You Own It

Whether you purchase single pieces A-La-Carte or download them through your Subscription, the small print says that your worshiping community owns it... forever! No more buying music over and over. Print as much as you need for as long as you need.

Click. Print. Share.
Mass Setting$100.00
* All Parts
* Infinite Copies
Mass of Christ the Savior
Mass for a New World
The Psalite Mass (no Solo Instr)
Mass of Renewal (Kauffman)
Liturgical Hymn$30.00
* All Parts
* Infinite Copies
Sacred Silence
Quietly, Peacefully
All Creation Sings
Responsorial Psalm$10.00
* All Parts
* Infinite Copies
Ps 85: Lord, Let Us See Your Kindness
Ps 85: Let Us See Your Kindness
Ps 85: Show Us, Lord, Your Kindness

* Cost for: 2 Keyboard, 2 Guitar, 2 Solo Instrument, 20 Choir, MP3(s)
** Items only sold in collections

Digital SubscriptionSLM SubscriptionSJMP SubscriptionBreaking Bread* (digital)N/A**​N/A**​Digital Choral Edition
Annual Fee$144.00$139.00$599.00 to $1,199.00N/A**​N/A**​$898.50 +

* Must have normal Breaking Bread Subscription (physical materials). Fees listed are additional in order to access digital files
** No subscription service currently available


Pay as you go
$ 5-100
Per Composition
  • SLM Account
  • Get All Parts
  • Keep Downloads Forever
  • Infinite Copies

SLM Subscription

Pay Annually
$ 144
  • SLM Subscription Account
  • Download Anything
  • Keep Downloads Forever
  • Infinite Copies

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