Music For The Lectionary

Welcome to SLM’s flagship project, a complete online psalter of responsorial psalms set to music as well as a growing number of Gospel Acclamations, Sequences, etc. As Catholic musicians ourselves, we know you want choices to meet the needs of your worshiping community.

That’s why we are endeavoring to provide two or more options for every one of the 1,191 occasions a specific psalm is called for in the four-volume lectionary. 

The best part is that more psalms are being added to this collection every week, so you will always have access to fresh  compositions breath new life into your worship.

We all want options, right?

Several options for every Sunday and Feast Day of the 3-year liturgical cycle

Sunday Psalms

Feast Day Psalms

  • In the fall of 2016, the original composers of SLM decided to embark on what seemed to be an impossible task – to offer three or more musical options to the psalm text of every single Sunday of the 3-Year Lectionary Cycle. It took three years of dedicated work, but in the fall of 2019, SLM had completed the first phase of creating the most comprehensive psalm resource ever: multiple options for Sunday psalms. 

    Although this initial goal is complete, the project is not over. SLM composers continue to add Sunday responsorial psalms and will do so from here on out. 

  • Along with creating musical options to every single Sunday of the 3-Year Lectionary Cycle, SLM Composers decided that it would be beneficial to do the same for all Feast Days celebrated throughout the year. Much like the Sunday Psalm project, it took three years to complete this task (fall 2016 – fall 2019).

    Now, from the plethora of options for All Souls day celebrations to the seven psalm responses used at the Easter Vigil, SLM provides two or more musical options to the exact psalm texts needed for every single Feast day celebration. 

So Many Psalms!!!

All the Other Psalms

Responsorial psalms are an integral part of the liturgical prayer life of the Church and they are meant to be sung. But for some strange reason, it is difficult to find musical settings to the psalm texts used outside the realm of weekend and feast days. 

If you look closely at this chart, you may notice that the weekend / feast day psalms comprise of only 184 out of the 1191 occasions specific psalm text is used in the lectionary. That’s only 15.4%! Where are the other 84.6% (1,007)? 

SLM composers are working on this right now creating beautiful arrangements for every single psalm text needed for liturgical worship. Not only that, but SLM’s platform organizes this massive resource in a way that makes sense so that you can find what you need quickly and easily… and do so without breaking the bank. 

Psalm Distribution in Lectionary

Daily Psalms

Whether a parish, a school, or any other worshiping community, daily psalms are a much needed resource in ministry work today. That is why our SLM composers are working hard to create engaging settings for the 531 responses needed to cover every weekday of the two year cycle. 

While daily psalms are being written in a simple fashion for daily Mass, it is important to know that all psalms on SLM’s website are cross-listed if the refrain and verse texts match. For example, psalm 117’s refrain “Go out to all the world and tell the good news” paired with verses one and two is used 17 different times in the lectionary. Therefore, you will find it in 17 different places on SLM’s website including both the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C AND Wednesday of the 27th Week in Ordinary Time, Year II. For that day, you might find a wide array of choices!

Sanctoral Psalms

Much like our daily psalms, parish, schools and other worshiping communities are in need of a good resource that offers musical settings to the specific psalm texts assigned to these special days sprinkled throughout the year. That is why our SLM composers are working hard to create engaging settings of the 204 responses needed to cover every saint feast day in the yearly calendar.

Need a specific text for the feast day of your parish namesake? If we don’t have it yet, let us know and our SLM composers can create it for you! Need specific instrumentation? We can work to provide that as well. 

Other Ritual Psalms

Did you know that there is a specific psalm attached to each of the special occasions listed in the fourth lectionary volume? There are! 272 of them to be exact! So the next time you celebrate the anniversary of the dedication of your parish, we have Psalm 122, Let us go rejoicing, ready for you with the exact verse texts that you need. 

What about Confirmation, Ordination, weddings (Matrimony), or a funeral. There are several psalm options for each, and we have settings for all of them! Now you can use the exact texts so as to celebrate more fully these special events.

Music For The Roman Missal

Okay, we know you’re thinking “more Mass Settings… ugh!” But there is something different about the settings our SLM Composers have put together. You see, these settings were born out of parish and school ministry. They were created, because each composer felt a desire to provide their community with what they needed most – music that helped them to worship well, this specific ritualistic music that is the heartbeat of our liturgical celebrations.

There have been a lot of Mass Settings produced and published since 2011, but these are tried and true works that were born from the trenches that most of us live in – ministry life. 

So… take a listen and ask yourself one question: “is this music that I would sing at Mass, or is it prayer that I would sing in Mass?” 

One last thing – we are beginning to work on Entrance and Communion Antiphons as well as other ritual texts throughout the Roman Missal. So stay tuned!

Music For Everything Else

Besides musical settings of the prescribed texts of the Lectionary and Roman Missal, SLM also brings you a plethora of other compositions. These beautiful compositions are inspired gems written by our SLM Composers specifically for the congregations they serve in their ministry. Through SLM, they can now share them with you. They are categorized into three broad areas:

  1. Vocal Music
  2. Instrumental Music (coming soon)
  3. Devotional Music (coming soon)

All this music is categorized both in liturgical and musical ways so that you can find the music that is exactly right for you. Need a new Advent song that works well at the Preparation of the gifts that has an SATB arrangement. No problem! We have a piece for you! So go on and explore all our other music and use it to glorify the Lord.

And, of course, everything is...

& Approved

From the very beginning, SLM has been working with all entities that need to review and approve our text and music so that it will be ready for you to use without worry. These entities include:

  • The USCCB
  • The Archdiocese of Omaha, NE
  • ICEL
    • Owner and overseer of Lectionary and Roman Missal text copyrights
  • CCD
    • Owner and overseer of NAB and GRAIL texts.


And we can’t forget one of our favorite partners in this business, ONELICENSE, with whom SLM is a proud Member-Publisher. If you have a ONELICENSE subscription, you can report all congregational music you print and/or display in some way. All of SLM’s music can be found in their databases.